Stabilized Spalted Jatoba Burl

Jatoba: Hymenaea courbaril: Most commonly utilized in the U.S. as a decking wood, jatoba (also called Brazilian cherry) is a highly durable red wood similar to paduak. The sapwood, however, is a pale golden white that, due to fungal infection, yields beautiful spalting patterns. The jet black against pale white is some of the best contrast in wood, and while not as durable as heartwood, jatoba sapwood is still on par with tough domestic woods like hard maple. The wood has been stabilized professionally to prevent warping and bending and to increase the potential for a high-quality finish. 

There may be small hairline cracks or bug holes. These can easily be fixed with the application of a small amount of CA glue (super glue). 

Stabilized by K&G


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