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Birdseye Figure Celebica

Celebica is a wood commonly used a rosewood replacment within its native range of Tropical S.E asia. For many centuries, rosewood has been used not only for its beauty, but also for its fantastic mechanical properties. Rosewood timber is dense, durable, wear resistant and fine grained which makes it perfect for items like handles, canes, walking sticks, work benches and martial arts weapons.


But as rosewood prices have spiked, it is no longer feasible for many people in S.E asia to use rosewood for these common tasks, so they turned to a much lesser known wood, Celebica. It has a fine, strong grain and takes an excellent polish. Its density is about .80 g/cm^3, putting it on par with fine grained hardwoods like boxwood, and just below very hard timbers like Bloodwood.

I was incredibly lucky to find a billet of super heavy Birdseye figure. While it looks like burl, im almost positive this is actually ultra heavy Birdseye figure. The color is a slightly orange brown, but the eyes are noticeably more red/ pink which produces an interesting effect. 


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