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Who am I, and why should you get your woods from me?


My name is Ben Greenberg, as of 2021 i am 24 years old and have been involved in high end woodwork and rare wood supply for over 10 years. The bulk of my experience has been in the supplying of woods to makers of knives and guitars. These two industries demand the highest quality wood, the most figure, and the rarest of timbers. In my decade of work in this field, i have made connections across the world with mills, individuals and wood hunters who know me as a knowledgeable, fair and reliably buyer. These connections mean that when dozens of people the world over find the best, rarest wood in the world, they call me first. 


My focus is on the incredible woods on Mainland S.E asia. Historically, these woods have been highly elusive to western buyers, as the existing market is geared entirely towards supplying China with these beautiful woods. By using my excellent reputation and paying above average rates to workers, i have established a network of loyal and reliable suppliers on the ground in S.E Asia, meaning that I am able to source sustainably harvested, stunning timbers that would normally never make it to the west. I am quite sure your clients have never seen material on the level i am able to supply.


I have listed a small sample of the woods i am able to procure, as each piece is unique, prices are on an piece by piece basis, depending on the size, figure and rarity of the woods. 



Amboyna Burl: PTEROCARPUS INDICUS: Often called the Queen of woods, Amboyna burl's beauty is without equal. The finest amboyna burl is blood red, bordering on purple with creamy white sapwood ringing the beautiful figure. The wood is dense, durable, resistant to moisture and rot. This makes it perfect for marine applications. Its beauty and rarity are unparalled. Many sellers sell midgrade orange and yellow amboyna from Indonesia as the best of the best, as the western market rarely sees the truly high quality material.  I have included several photos of what i can offer, including both whole slabs, as well as close up photos of the texture. Amboyna is most often seen when it has been sliced thin and used as accent pieces, with Bently and rolls royce using amboyna burl for the interior of their highest end vehicles. Most amboyna burl that has been used in the U.S for many years was factory rejects from these processes, and full sized burls of this quality are all but unheard of in the U.S. 






Satinwood Burl: Satinwood Burl is famous for being one of the most densely figures wood in the world. Again, its high density and water resistance makes it a prime choice for marine or high use, its beauty means it is incredibly eye catching. Satinwood is so named for its silky, shiny texture that many people find very eye catching, and while it does not have the same color pop as amboyna burl, its more muted silver brown color and incredibly complex figure means that the more you look at it, the more detail you can see.







Mun Ebony: The ebony family includes many beautiful timbers, most Americans are familiar with Black ebony, also called Gaboon ebony. But many beautiful species exist, including one of my favorites, Mun ebony. The grain pattern of mun ebony is often copied with vinyl grain prints as a faux luxury product, but real ebony is Beautiful and striking. It has a striped, multi colored appearance that people compare to figured marble. Most of the mun ebony you will find available in the west is small turning pieces no more than a few inches in size, but i am able to source beautiful large slabs of it that can be used to make one of a kind coffee tables, end tables or other stunning accessories.





Afzleia xylay is one of the rarest figured woods in the world, sometimes called Xylay figure or Gator skin figure, you will often find people who say that large pieces of figured xylay are impossible to find or don't exist. This is because as with many of these woods, only dregs and offcuts make it to the western market. The figure has a beautiful, 3d and chatoyent effect that few people believe is real on first appearance. The wood itself is dense, durable and highly resistant to rot. Depending on how the wood is finished, the color ranges from deep golden to a burnt honey orange, while maintaining the beautiful 3d figure across.



Teak Burl: many people are familar with teak, as it is a luxury wood common in many applications. Its leather like smell, water resistance and silky smooth texture make it a favorite of both outdoor and marine uses, but few people are aware that the wood can also form burls. These are highly figured, with all the attractive properties of teak combined with the incredible beauty of burled timber.