lock plus

Premade Wa Handles

These are Pre made wa handles. Each ahs a glued on bolster, a tang slot and a round hole for fitting a dowel. This means they can fit effectivly any sized knife tang.


Each piece has the following dimensions


Length: 5 inches/ 125mm

Width: .875 inches at Butt, tapering down to .75 at the bolster/ 22mm at the butt, tapering down to 19mm at the bolster

Height: 1.125 inches at the butt, tapering down to .9 inches at the bolster/ 28mm at the butt, tapering down to 22mm at the bolster


The tang slot measures 3/4 inches by 1/4 inches, with a 3/8 inch hole in the middle. The tang slot is 3.5 inches deep/

The tang slot measures 19mm by 6.3mm with a 9.5mm hole in the middle, the tang slot is 89mm deep.