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Stabilized woods:

Some people become sensitive to stabilized woods. Part of this is that the super fine plastic produces a much finer and lighter dust than plain wood, which often can be inhaled or land in the eye. Treat Stabilized woods the way you would a particularly nasty exotic. Respirator or at the very least a face mask and eye protection, Preferably goggles or a face shield, but at the very least wide eye protection. 



A few notes on using rosewood. Always use a mask, as the dust is very irritating. After using rosewood, go straight to the shower to wash it off. The less time the oil is on your skin, the better. Shower with shampoo rather than soap helps, as shampoo is a surfactant rather than a soap and is much more effective at removing the oils from the skin. use a fresh wash cloth to rub the skin vigorously. The oil is better removed with friction. Always minimize skin contact with long sleeves and gloves if possible. Be dilligent about washing your face as well, as most grinders will throw dust into your face where it will be extra irritating.

Rosewoods are beautiful, strong and classic. Dont let yourself develop a strong reaction to them. Be safe and be cautious and you will be able to use and enjoy the beauty of rosewood for years to come