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Stabilized Red Mallee Burl

Red Mallee: Eucalyptus oleosa: A dense, durable burl from Australia, known for a range of Red heartwood creamy white sapwood. Forms excellent eyes, pin burls and swirling grain. Hardness and finishing are on par with Cocobolo. Red mallee is a fine grained, closed pore dense hardwood, and takes a fantastic polish. 

All blocks were stabilized professionally by K&G.


Some people have had negative experiences with red mallee. This is mainly because few people both to have it stabilized professionally. Red malle is dense and difficult to dry, meaning stabilizing is expensive and often results in blocks being lost. However, the result is worth it. A dense, fine grained wood that resists checks and cracks while also being impervious to water.


There may be small checks from the drying process. These are easy to fix with small amounts of thin CA/ super glue dripped into them. Work this wood like you would ironwood. Avoid overheating or scorching it and polish to incredibly high grits. 

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