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Stabilized Tasmanian Blackwood

Tasmanian Blackwood: Acacia melanoxylon: A close relative of Koa, Blackwood matches or even surpasses its more famous cousin in terms of color and curl. sourced from the temperate forests of Australia, Tasmanian Blackwood has excellent workabilty and durability, combined with legendary finishing on par with koa. The color is similar to a cross between Mahogany and koa, with a glossy toasted brown color flecked with the reds, greens and blues characteristic of this wood. Sapwood looks like the highest possible grade of curly maple.


Cooba: A close relative of Tasmanian blackwood, Cooba is a highly curly acacia from similar regions of Australia. The color tends towards a deeper brown, similar in appearance to gidgee. 

Stabilized by K&G 

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