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Stabilized Walnut Burl

Circassian Walnut Walnut: Juglans regia: One of the most beautiful walnut woods, this Walnut is closely related to classic Turkish walnut, though it is harvested at higher altitudes across the Caucasus mountains. This Higher altitude results in a denser, higher contrast wood as the cold winters produce high contrast early wood grain.

The color ranges from a dark chocolate brown to a deep toned gold, with a wide range of figures. The wood has excellent texture, and with stabilizing from K&G is truly an excellent choice for any handle


Bastonge Walnut Burl: Juglans x paradox: Also known as Paradox walnut, it is a cross between English/ Circassian walnut and Claro walnut, which produces a strong, hearty tree with very fine grained wood, but very few walnuts. This means it is often planted as the root stock in California walnut growing. The burls formed by Bastonge walnut are very fine grained and heavy, often with interesting color and a mix of eye and curl figure. Bastonge walnut also stabilizes much better than claro walnut, and rarely has sticky spots inside.