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My name is Ben Greenberg, and I have been working with wood my entire adult life. I was born in 1997, and began making knife and working with wood when I was 14. Around this time, i started going by a local woodshop to bother them and look at the small bin of cocobolo and ebony they had and dream about the handles id make with such pretty wood. After annoying them for a few weeks, they asked if I wanted a job and thus began my exposure to woods. I worked there through highschool, always collecting the figured ends of boards or a scrap of exotic wood.


In 2015 I began attending UC Santa Cruz where I studied chemistry. I started selling the wood from my job, along with woods i had found on craigslist out of my college dorm, earning me the nickname "Wood Ben." I was not very into chemistry, but over 4 years my business grew and grew, I started making connections in Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Armenia, Morocco and more as i bought small amounts of the highest quality woods many people had ever seen.


When I graduated in 2019, i decided to try running my business full time, and since then Greenberg Woods has been my full time job. Its been just me the whole time. Every block is cut, sanded and polished by me, every order packed by me, and every call and email answered by me. You're welcome to reach out to me about any questions about rare woods.

Ben Greenberg

Greenberg Woods