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Stabilized Afzelia Xylay

Afzelia Xylay: Afzelia xylocarpa: An incredibly rare wood to see, Afzelia is sometimes used as a high end mahogany substitute. The wood has an attractive red/ gold coloring, but is best known for the amazing figure it can show. Called Xylay, lay, or gator skin figure, the wood can show a deep rippling type of pommel figure that is renowned for high end knives. The figure becomes stronger as the handle is polished to a higher grit, and with contouring interesting sides of the figure can be show. The wood also ages amazingly well, becoming more deep orange/ red with time rather than darkening or fading. This makes it an excellent wood for heavy use knives, as the oils and patina will only strength the color and figure/

Stabilized by K&G.