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Figured Rosewood

Rosewood: Dalbergia spp: Rosewoods are often considered the finest woods there are. Durable, dense, fine grained and often well colored. I have recently had the privilage to source very uncommon, figured rosewood material. Tight curly, quilty and burly patterns that have chatoenty figure to rival the finest Koa. The figured material is derived from old stocks of long cut wood, not new harvest. This is for both preservation of standing forest, and to make sure the material is well cured. 

Rosewoods are famously durable and well aging, but especially with figured blocks, i recommend letting the blocks acclimate to your shop. I am based on Los Angeles, and its very possible your shop is in a different climate. I would recommend letting blocks sit somewhere out of direct light for 4-6 weeks before cutting to allow for acclimation and reduce the risk of checks or cracks.