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Bulk blocks

Hello Everyone, i want to rewrite/ rephrase the mystery box selection as I think its gotten a little confused. 

The process of sanding, polishing and photographing wood takes a lot of time and effort, so does tracking down individual pieces of specific species and specific sizes. These all add to the cost of getting custom wood or buying polished pieces off my website. So, if you order bulk blocks I will select material from the pieces shown below and more. This is a cross section of all the wood I work with, sepcies will include ambyna burl, ringed gidgee, cocobolo, desert ironwood, african blackwood,acacia burl, curly acacia, curly rosewood, Bog oak, afzelia xylay, curly narra, satinwood burl, teak burl, Black and white ebony and more. Everything that should be stabilized will be stabilized. The photos included here is the main material crate I will be pulling from. Everything that should be stabilzied is stabilized, and i will do my best to record species and identify each piece.

There is wide variation in size, but generally ~1.5 x 1 x 5 in the minimum. Larger orders will contain pieces up to ~4 x 2 x 12. Most peices will be of typical size, around ~1.75 x 1.125 x 5.5

In your order notes, you can make requests and Ill do my best to fufil them.

In general,

a $100 pack will be 3-5 piece

a $200 pack will be 7-10

a $500 pacl will be 15-25


Keeping in mind high value packs will also generally ocntain higher value woods.