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Bog Oak

Bog Oak: Quercus robur: Bog oak is wood that has fallen into low oxygen bogs and over thousands of years, the minerals of the bog have soaked in and turned the wood a deep black. The working properties are almost identical to regular oak, though the blocks sold for handles are stabilized for added density and finishing.

My bog oak is sourced from the Czech Republic, and is carbon dated to about 7400 years old. If you would like a copy of the carbon dating paperwork with your order, please include a note at checkout. 

Bog oak darkness ranges, these are very dark to black blocks, some photos will appear lighter. This is the only way to show any grain without the photo coming out too dark. 


Its a lot of work to select, cut, sand, stabilize, sand, polish and photograph bog oak blocks for sale as finished handle pieces ready to use. If you are interested in larger or wholesale bog oak, please send me a message and im happy to offer bulk discounts.