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How to finish knife handles

Finishing knife handles.SandingKnife handles are a difficult thing to finish. They will be handled, so soft finishes are not viable, and even the highest mirror sheens will dull with use. Knife handles are also often made of extremely dense, oily, fi

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Safety while working with woods

Stabilized woods:Some people become sensitive to stabilized woods. Part of this is that the super fine plastic produces a much finer and lighter dust than plain wood, which often can be inhaled or land in the eye. Treat Stabilized woods the way you w

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Ebony, cracks and how to use it.

Have you ever been captivated by the rich, dark beauty of ebony wood? While its mesmerizing grain and smooth touch make it a dream for woodworkers, its reputation for cracking and instability can be daunting. Many people have told me they refuse to u

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