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Hello Everyone, my name is Ben Greenberg and I run Greenberg Woods. It is currently a one-man show, specializing in the highest quality wood exotic and figured wood from around the world. I've been supplying some of the best craftsmen in the world for over a decade with the best material that can be found.


I select, dry, cut, and process all of my own material, ranging from Ringed gidgee and amboyna burl to curly rosewood and cocobolo. If you're looking for something highly figured, properly dried, stabilized and ready to use for your project I hope I can help you find it. My work is focused on woods for knife handles, but in my inventory, I have a wide range of sizes so if you're looking for something particular don't hesitate to get in touch with me as I may have something in stock. 

Ben Greenberg

Greenberg Woods