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Curly Rosewood

Rosewood: Dalbergia spp: The rosewood Genus spreads across all 3 continents in the tropics, with Central/ south american rosewoods like Kingwood, Cocobolo, and brazilian rosewood, African rosewoods like african Blackwood and the rare Bois De rose, and those from Tropical S.E asia like Siamese rosewood, East indian rosewood and Laotian rosewood.


Rosewood colors are more stable than those of many other woods, but light and oxygen will fade them in time. Luckily, rosewoods maintain contrast and often tone down to more muted hues of their original colors rather than going to drab brown or black like many other woods do. If this happens, a simple light sanding with 800-1000 grit sandpaper and a buff will restore the original color. 


Rosewoods are famously durable and well aging, but especially with figured blocks, i recommend letting the blocks acclimate to your shop. I am based on Los Angeles, and its very possible your shop is in a different climate. I would recommend letting blocks sit somewhere out of direct light for 4-6 weeks before cutting to allow for acclimation and reduce the risk of checks or cracks.